With extensive experience working in emerging markets, combined with a solid grounding in established business practices, HIP Consult is uniquely positioned to ensure companies and other organizations realize success in a diverse array of contexts. Our nuanced perspective – which blends global best practice with the practical reality of each market - has established HIP Consult as a leading international firm capable of creating bespoke, high-impact solutions.

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Sub-Saharan Africa

Within the last decade, Sub-Saharan Africa has become the center of attention for emerging markets observers, with some of the world’s fastest growing economies driving domestic demand, foreign direct investment, and infrastructure spending. Seven of the ten fastest growing economies are found in Sub-Saharan Africa. Since 2000, the continent’s trade with China alone has increased over 15 fold.

Our strategic focus on Africa and the years of work spanning many of its markets have brought us into every region of the African continent. HIP Consult continually strives, through its people and its work, towards meeting the challenge of limitless possibilities which many African countries offer.

Middle East and North Africa

While investors need to be mindful of rapidly developing events, the Middle East has a fast-growing population, and some of the most dynamic economies in the world, several of which are international financial and commercial hubs.

Growth potential and volatility are perhaps nowhere as well juxtaposed as in this region; and thus we see a glass more than half full, where our experience helps clients take advantage of obvious or less easily visible opportunities, whether they are approaching the region from the inside or from without.


Stagnating growth in Europe’s developed markets is pushing multinationals and investors to look farther abroad for new opportunities. However, operations do not always easily transfer from one region to another, and must adapt to local requirements and business practices.

With extensive experience in both Europe and emerging markets, HIP Consult acts as a bridge of sorts, whether exploring new markets for entry, or importing global innovation back to your existing customers.

The Americas

HIP Consult brings the best of U.S. and Western practices to emerging markets, whether in Africa, Latin America or Asia, incorporating the efficiencies and focus required to succeed in developing countries. We offer our U.S.- and Canada-based clients a deep understanding of these markets and provide insight into those unanticipated key success factors which, often overlooked, make the difference between a prosperous business venture and disappointment.

Our extensive experience straddling several "worlds" provides our clients with truly international expertise. This global perspective is essential when working with leading multi-national and public sector organizations, which require not only book smarts, but an on-the-ground perspective and capabilities in multiple markets to deliver meaningful results. .

Asia Pacific

Rapidly gaining ground on Western economies, Asian economies have become drivers of global growth. As these countries continue to pass through various stages of development, headlines of unbounded opportunity need to be balanced against emerging, and often hidden, risks. And as millions of people are lifted out of poverty, Asia faces the onerous challenge of balancing economic growth and infrastructure expansion with social prosperity and environmental sustainability.

At HIP Consult we see a wealth of opportunity in the region, and leverage our experience in economies which have already experienced multiple business cycles since breaking onto the world stage. This leads to an approach of focused growth, while continuously keeping an eye on risk mitigation when doing business in this diverse array of markets.

Our perspective

Emerging markets are a very dynamic and, at times, loosely structured environment in which to operate. Getting strategy, operations and execution right brings great rewards and the prospect of strong growth.

Experience tells us that management approaches used in developed markets are not fully informed by, and therefore may not be appropriate as is for, the challenges of emerging markets. Every strategy HIP Consult develops is informed by the situational context to ensure its practical suitability and effectiveness.

For more information on HIP Consult's expertise in emerging markets, please contact us with your specific question or request.